Frequently Asked Questins (FAQ)

Q.How to join the TG Network Minecraft Server?

A. Open Minecraft -> Multiplayer -> Add Server -> Enter anything at Server Name and add "" at Server Address then click on Done. Double click on the server name which you had entered before and you will be joined.

Q.How I can register and login?

A. When you join for the first time, It will ask you to register. Type "/register (password) (password)" and replace (password) with any secure password which you use for login next time. Don't tell that password to anyone. When you join the server for the next time, it will ask to login. Type "/login (password)" and replace (password) with the password which you had set at the time of registering.

Q.What will happen if I forget my password?

A. After you register, you should link your email by typing "/changeemailaddress (password) (email-address)". Replace (password) with your password and replace (email-address) with your email. So if you forget your password then type "/recoverypassword (email-address)" and you receive a new password at your mail. If you have not linked your email then there is no way to reset your password.

Q.Which minecraft launchers are allowed?

A. You can join with any minecraft launcher except hacked clients and other anonymous clients.

Q.I am unable to join the server, what should I do?

A. If you are using a cracked launcher and playing for the first time then go to and search your username there. If it shows unavaible there then it means its taken by someone else who is using a premium launcher. Kindly change your username and make sure that it shows available on If it shows "Server is under maintenance" or it shows offline then it means that the server is currently offline. Join our Discord Server to get the updates.

Q.How can I play different gamemodes in the server?

A. You can join a gamemode by clicking on the NPC around the spawn area. There are different NPC for each gamemode and their gamemode is written above their respective NPC. Alternatively, you can right click on your compass which is given in the lobby and you can select the gamemode from there.

Q.How can I play with my friends?

A. For playing with friends, join same lobby then type "/party invite (friend-name)". Replace (friend-name) with the name of your friend with whom you want to play then join any match and he/she will be with you. You can also send friend request to your friend by typing "/friend add (friend-name)" and then your friend need to accept the friend request by typing "/friend accept (name)". You can type "/friend" or "/party" to get the list of all the commands.

Q.How can I create a clan and invite my friends in it?

A. Type "/clan create (clan-name) (clan-tag)" to create your clan and replace (clan-name) with your clan name and replace (clan-tag) with your clan tag which will display and clan tag should be of few letters only.

Q.I found a cheater in the server, How can I report him?

A. Type "/report (player-name) (reason)". replace (player-name) with the name of the cheater and replace (reason) with the reason that why you have reported that player. You can also report on our discord server by creating a ticket there.

Q.My question is not listed here. What should I do?

A. Don't worry about it. Just join our discord server and create a support ticket then ask your queries there.